Board + Train

Stefania and Lisa have partnered to create a Board + Train program for those of you that have fabulous mutts but just need a little extra help with problem behaviours. Behavioural challenges vary from being as minor as basic puppy/potty training & socialization, to basic manners for adult dogs, and even mild-medium reactivity on or off leash.

Your fuzzbutt will stay the day at daycare and over night at Stefania's home as a typical sleepover would work, and Lisa will come to work with your dog daily in whichever environment is best suited for your mutt (outside, around people, around dogs, on leash, inside the daycare etc).

Our Board + Train program will be customized to your dog's needs, and requires a minimum 6 night and 7 day stay for optimal results.  This brand new service will give your dog a Low-Stress experience during their stay, adding the use of Lisa's science based positive only training method for the most comfortable learning experience for your dog that we can possibly offer!


Potty Training (3 nights || 4 day min stay) starting at $195 +GST

General Board + Train (6 nights || 7 day stay min.) starting at $720 +GST

**Please email to schedule a Meet 'n Greet, free of charge.  Same process applies for registration of daycare and boarding which can be found here.**

text/call 604.553.MUTT(6888)

Low Stress Handling Certified Group Dog Care + Positive Training in #NEWWESTMINSTER