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Two Hounds Design Freedom Harness!

The best thing you can do for your walks, grab your doggo a fabulous Freedom Harness!

With a front and/or back clip option, these harnesses will give you better control of your pup while allowing them total freedom on their walks without pain, fear or force! The gentle (and patented, specially made design) was created to allow a redirecting, gentle squeeze around the chest to discourage pulling and give you a peace of mind while walking your dog- especially if they fearful or reactive on  walks...or just really good at jumping on strangers to say hello!

Freedom Harnesses are made with the same material used to pull cars by tow trucks- meaning it's made to last! They even come with a warranty in case of being chewed through... for just the simple cost of postage!

Schedule your fuzzbutt's Freedom Harness fitting by contacting us to book an appointment today! We bring in a variety of colours, not JUST black and silver ;) and can bring in custom orders for you for a reasonable fee.

$55+ tax

Contact us to order or schedule a fitting here