Finding the Right Dog Care

At Mindful Mutts we unapologetically advocate for change in our industry, meaning that daycares should be regulated and only run by those who not only absolutely LOVE dogs, but love them enough to educate themselves on the science behind their behaviour. No- we do NOT mean by watching that dreadful dog whisperer. We mean by taking the time and spending the money on a REAL education, in positive training, low stress handling, providing fear free environments, and/or just in general- the science behind how dogs work.
Ask yourself- why is my child’s daycare so rigid with scheduling and nap times? Why is that neighbourhood kids daycare so specific about how many little ones they can take at a time, and why is there a wait list?

It shouldn’t be that much different when it comes to who looks after your pets in a group environment specifically.

At Mindful Mutts we will forever strive to provide education for our community, and advocate for these changes. And we have education, experience, and the determination to see that these changes DO happen. We also promise to continue our educations for as long as we are around to serve our community!

One question that has only just come up recently in almost 2 years in business (one of those being in our commercial facility) is relative to the following:
Why does your dog daycare have passes that expire? Because it encourages regular visits, with majority of them being pre-scheduled.

Why does this even matter? To tailor your dog’s day to their individual needs and to encourage routine making which in turn helps equal a low stress environment full of familiar dog AND human faces. THAT is why our packages expire.

My list could go on, but instead I’ll share this very knowledgable post by applied animal behaviourist, Kathy Sdao, because it covers all our bases about what to look for in a dog daycare. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our policies, please reach out! We are always happy to answer questions!

Your very committed group dog care facilitator,
~Stefania 💕