COVID-19 Protocols at Mindful Mutts

Masks are mandatory at all times, for everyone that is inside our facility. 

Everyone must wear two, 3-layer cloth masks, or a surgical style mask with a cloth mask overtop or an N95 respirator style mask. This includes all staff members and clients who are attending training classes. 

Please do not bring your dog to daycare or come to classes etc. if you are awaiting COVID test results, may have been around someone sick, have cold/flu-like symptoms like coughing or sneezing, etc. We will gladly do our best to accommodate whatever we can to ensure you and your fuzzbutt don’t miss out. Let’s help each other stay safe!

Staff Protocols

    • Stay home if sick & self isolate for 5 days minimum if you think you may have COVID-19
    • Wash hands regularly throughout the day or use hand sanitizer
    • Use hand sanitizer if soap & water is unavailable or inconvenient
    • Sneeze into tissue or elbow and sanitize immediately after
    • Maintain 2 meters (6 feet) distance from co-workers, clients etc at ALL
      times, including on site, on shift, and will responsibly follow strict self
      isolating guidelines in their personal lives or they will be subject to
      disciplinary actions.
    • Regularly sanitize ALL surfaces (doorbells, knobs, gate handles, tabletops etc)
    • Ensure proper use of mask on shift following current guidelines for two cloth masks, a surgical mask with a cloth mask or an N95 respirator style mask. 
      How to use a mask:
      • Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before putting on a mask
      • Make sure it covers your nose and mouth, and fits comfortably around
        your face
      • Avoid touching mask when it is on your face
      • To take it off, carefully grab the straps and gently take it off your face
      • Put directly in laundry & wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds (mask
        can be washed with regular laundry)
    • Not touch or handle dogs except for what is required to complete the task

Dog Daycare COVID-19 Precautions

    • Regularly sanitizing high touch areas like door handles, light switches etc.
    • Limited services available
    • All staff must wash hands properly and/or use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the day. Hand sanitizer available at multiple spots within our facility.
    • Clients must wait outside by the curb, do not bring any non essential items; lunches must be brought in bulk to leave on site

Dog Walking COVID-19 Precautions

    • Clients must bring dog to the door to pass the leash OR dog & equipment to be left by the entrance
    • Walkers may wear gloves and will have cleaning supplies & hand sanitizer on their person and will wear masks

Have additional questions about our services that aren’t covered here? Head to our FAQ to find out more.