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Past Career Opportunities at Mindful Mutts

Part-time Dog Daycare Attendant

Mindful Mutts is looking for a part-time 10-20hrs/week, Dog Daycare Attendant (Wrangler) to join our team in West End New West!

Compensation:$17hr to START
Employment type: Part-time

We are a one-of-a-kind, award-winning Low Stress Group Dog Care + positive training company that offers science-based humane dog training, group dog care and boarding, private dog walking, Family Dog Training, and even super fun kids’ workshops.

Each team member is important to us and we care about their safety, as well as mental and physical health as much as we do for a dog’s. Breaks are always paid and self-regulated to ensure we are all mindful of the need to take care of our brains and our bodies. Imagine an 8 hour day full of barking, cleaning, and picking up poop around the clock! It ain’t all puppy snuggling.

Ideal candidate will be:
● Familiar with and be able to demonstrate knowledge of R+ (positive, science-based training) as well as reading dog body language
● Willing to continue learning all things dog from a science-based perspective
● Reliable, honest, trustworthy, punctual, organized
● Quick-thinking in critical situations

—–>>The following qualifications are NON negotiable<—–
● Must have a good and positive attitude and an upbeat personality
● Must be good with people AND dogs (please don’t reply to this ad if you classify yourself as being “good with dogs but disliking people”, this goes against our company culture and our human clients are just as important to us as our furry ones are)
● Must be able to take direction easily and communicate with coworkers AND clients politely and with tact.
● Must have proof of **at least one** of the following completed educational credentials in science based dog knowledge: Bravo Dog Knowledge Foundations, KPA Foundations, Dog Training 101 w/Jean Donaldson, Low Stress Handling Cert., Dip.CBST (*CPDT-KA alone will NOT be considered*)
● Must have professional experience working with dogs in a one-on-one or group environment
● Must represent the company in a positive, professional and friendly manner at all times

About the work environment:
● Downtown New West location is in the middle of a very steep street. Wranglers must navigate the hill in both directions to walk dogs several times per day
● Our clients come in every size and Wranglers may be walking a dog who is 130 lbs and pulls when he sees another dog
● The space has a concrete floor and very little sound absorption so it can get quite loud
● The space is lit with fluorescent lights in some areas

Compensation may vary depending on the candidate and will be determined after the interview if a job offer is proposed.

Visit mindfulmutts.ca for more information about our company, we look forward to meeting the next member of our awesome team! It would be helpful for the ideal candidate to have a good overview of our website to understand the methods we use when training and handling animals, as well as learn about our company. You can find out more about our COVID-19 protocols here: https://www.mindfulmutts.ca/covid-19-protocols/


To apply, please email your resume and any additional information you think would be helpful for us to know to info@mindfulmutts.ca
ONLY candidates with relevant education and/or experience will be shortlisted and contacted.

Thank you!