Pet Sitting (dogs/cats)

Need someone to stay in your home with your dog who prefers a solo stay-cation away from other dogs? Do you have multiple pets? What about senior animals? Perhaps having someone check the mail and water the garden would be ideal!?

In –YOUR-home Pet Sitting is now available!

Our experienced, well trained, staff will stay at your home with your pets! Let us water your plants, bring in parcels and more while we’re there!

One pet/1-6 nights: $75 per night

One Pet/ 7-13 nights: $65 per night

For longer stays, please email us for a quote!

Additional Pets: $10/night

Optional: watering plants, moving garbage and recycling bins, etc $5/night

Taking in mail and parcels: No charge! Complimentary with every stay, plus, we’ll leave your home in perfect condition!