Private Walks in New West

Jenn the border collie is quite smart. She knows how to sleep on Mondays, party on Fridays and be cheeky the rest of the week! Jenn is one of our Sapperton dog walking crew members.

Not all dogs are great candidates for group dog care and that’s totally okay! We work hard to ensure a low-stress and fear free environment as well as create a very in depth screening process to make sure we only take in mutts who want to be here. For dogs in New Westminster, BC, we also offer private walks. We do 1 on 1 on-leash enrichment walks in your neighbourhood. We do not take dogs with severe aggression or reactivity, but are more than happy to refer you and your dog to someone better suitable for you.

  • 15 minute pee break: $18.75 plus GST
  • 30 minute walk:  $25 plus GST
  • 60 minute walk: $40 plus GST