Dog Daycare and Boarding

We are New Westminster’s ONLY Low Stress dog daycare!

Thank you for voting us as your favourite, again and allowing us to continue standing up for the welfare of animals because of your love for them and your trust in us! xoxo

We are a positive, science-based daycare and provide constant play group monitoring, allow 2-3 “nap times” per day to avoid over-stimulation and high stress levels, as well as several walks/pee breaks throughout the day (we go out every 1-3hrs!). Dogs prefer to play in smaller groups of 3-4, for that reason, we believe that low numbers, careful management by a well educated staff, and a specially set-up facility is the best and most ethical way to set up a dog daycare environment. 

Our staff are educated in Pet First Aid and even more importantly, in the science behind dog behaviour so that we can facilitate a safely managed, low-stress group environment!

We are open by appointment only and we require a trial day to make sure that the environment is right for you and your fuzzbutt. 

Please fill out the Dog Daycare Intake Form to be placed on the wait list. We’ll be in touch to set up a trial day once we have availability.

Have questions that aren’t covered below? View frequently asked questions

The trial day helps us get to know your dog and understand their needs and if they truly enjoy being in our group environment. After the trial, we will email you an assessment about your dog’s day within 2 business days. This will give you a better understanding about how your dog’s day went and whether or not they are approved for daycare along with recommendations for training, equipment and frequency of visits. We may refer you to a better suited service if we don’t think it will be a good fit. 

For new visitors and those that are a little fearful, we use pheromones and calming music created just for mutts to help them relax and get accustomed to the environment.

Not all dogs are right for all environments! Some may be better suited for one-on-one walks while others may benefit from hiking activities. We pride ourselves on making  carefully thought-through professional decisions in order to be able to refer you to our dog walking services OR our science-based colleagues who may offer something more tailored. We will remain transparent at all times in this regard, and place your pet’s welfare as top priority as part of our ethical mandate.

Please bring a properly fitted harness, a standard 6 foot leash, any meals your dog may need to eat during the day, something to chew on for example a bully stick or a kong with peanut butter provided, and treats if your dog has a food allergy.

810A 20th st, West End New Westminster

We welcome a max of 16-18 dogs each day and preset days are highly recommended! Please book a minimum of 24 hrs in advance for daycare. For better chances of a space we recommend creating a set schedule and sticking to it for priority placement.

Monday to Friday: 7am to 7pm
*Drop-off is from 7am to 10am*
*Pick-up is between 3pm to 7pm*

Weekends and Holidays: CLOSED

Please Note: There are additional charges of $10/15 min plus GST extra if you need to drop off or pick up before and after hours of operations listed above,  + $1/min thereafter payable at pick-up or billable monthly.

20 days: $575 plus GST: expires in 90 days 
10 days: $325 plus GST:  expires in 60 days
5 days: $190 plus GST: expires in 60 days
Single day: $45 plus GST

TRIAL DAY $45 – receive an emailed daycare assessment within two business days of your dog’s trial day. It will explain whether they were accepted into group care with us, how to schedule, and any recommendations such as new harness requirements or training suggestions. If your dog is not a fit for group care, it will be noted with our recommendations for alternative pet care services, including our dog walking services if we are able to accommodate.

Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation will result in one full day taken off of your package or your drop in purchase will be forfeited.

All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered prior to joining or continuing group care. If you wish to wait longer for your dog to become altered you may be asked to leave until that time, of which upon return are required to start fresh with a new trial day. Unaltered dogs cause a behaviour shift in the group, if we feel your dogs hormones are disrupting the group dynamics they may be asked to leave prior to them turning 6 months old, until they are altered and ready to return to group care.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for tools such as (but not limited to) prong collars, shock collars, “e-collars”, choke chains, correcting/punishing your dog etc. If it inflicts fear, pain or intimidation it’s not welcome (the equipment nor the philosophy behind the equipment).

If you insist on using these tools or methods, then we are not going to be a good match as we are a positive, science-based training and daycare business. There are many of other companies that service the area, we encourage you to do some research to find one that may be a better fit 🙂

Want to learn more about the wonderful world of Positive, Science-Based Dog Training and how we implement that philosophy into ALL of our services (not just dog training)? visit this link and let’s get you started. We all have to start somewhere!

Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting

Group dog boarding services are available for all dogs if they’re the right fit! Booking 1-3 months in advance is highly recommended! To find out more FILL OUT THIS FORM.

COLLECT LOYALTY POINTS TO EARN FREE STAYS! $1 towards boarding = 5 points, $1 towards anything additional is 3 points!


  • At Stefania’s home (group boarding): $75 per 24 hr period
  • At approved Wrangler’s home: $95 per 24 hr period
  • In YOUR home: starting at $95 per 24 hr period

  • $55 charge for extra time up to 5 hours
  • $15 fee per holiday

**Peak Season: March, July, August, December (please book 3-4 months in advance! Discounts and credits may not be eligible to these dates as they are in very high demand)


  • $10-$25 Dog Taxi Service
  • $20-$25 Nail Trims

Looking for a different option to dog boarding? Get more information about Pet Sitting in YOUR home by emailing!