Here are answers to your FAQ:

What is your cancellation policy?
  1. Daycare: Less than 24 hours notice will result in one full day taken off of your package or your drop in purchase will be forfeited.
  2. Boarding/Pet Sitting: 100% payment is required when requesting boarding, in order to reserve your space. Since space is limited, and your pet sitters are earning a living with each space they have safely filled, payment is considered confirmation of services and is not refundable. Depending on circumstances (we will determine if there are exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis) we may be able to adjust dates and times for a cancellation/rescheduling fee of $40 (depending on but not limited to availability of pet sitters)
  3. Dog Walking/Pee Breaks: Less than 24 hours notice will result in a full charge of your average booking, less than 48 hours will result in a cancellation fee of $10. Please give us as much time as possible to fill this space šŸ™‚
All services provided by Mindful Mutts are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be credited. Thank you for understanding!
Covid Protocols

Mask are optional within our facility for visitors as well as staff. There is hand sanitizer available along with hand soap for hand washing.

Please do not bring your dog to daycare or come to classes etc if you are awaiting COVID test results, may have been around someone sick, have cold/flu-like symptoms like coughing or sneezing, etc. We will gladly do our best to accommodate whatever we can to ensure you and your fuzzbutt don’t miss out. Let’s help each other stay safe!

What happens if my dog is sick?

You are required to keep your dog up to date on preventative medication in order to continue having them participate in group care.

If your dog shows signs of illness while in our care, you or your emergency contact will be notified to come and pick up your dog. If we can’t get a hold of someone or feel your dog needs immediate veterinary attention, we will take them to the nearest available veterinary hospital. We will take care of payment which you will then reimburse us for. Your dog will be kept separated from the group to keep others safe from anything potentially contagious until they can be picked up and taken home. An “all-clear” from the your vet (proof of good health) will be needed in order to bring your dog back to daycare. In the meantime, we would be happy to set you up with dog walking services to assist you in the interim šŸ™‚

There is no preventative medication for giardia or papilloma and while dogs seem to pick these up all over the place… we would rather they didn’t at daycare šŸ˜‰ So, if your dog is diagnosed with either of these illnesses (or anything else really) we will require being told so that we can appropriately notify (anonymously) the rest of our clientele who may be at risk of having contracted the illness, but also so that we can clean and sanitize appropriately (more stringently than usual). Your dog will be required to stay home (away from daycare, dog parks etc) until appropriate blood work, fecal samples, etc are taken and proof of good health from veterinary professionals is shared with our team.

We understand that some veterinary professionals do not think these are dangerous to have around other animals because “all dogs get it”…. particularly papilloma. This is, however, a recipe for disaster in a group environment and we won’t be able to waiver from our policies on this.

Your daycare package may be paused during this time, we will decide on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your cooperation!

Can my dog wear an e-collar or prong collar to daycare or on their dog walking visits?

Sorry, unfortunately the answer is no.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for tools such as (but not limited to) prong collars, shock collars, “e-collars”, choke chains, correcting/punishing your dog etc. If it inflicts fear, pain or intimidation it’s not welcome (the equipment nor the philosophy behind the equipment).

If you insist on using these tools or methods, then we are not going to be a good match. There are many of other companies that service the area, we encourage you to do some research to find one that may be a better fit šŸ™‚

Want to learn more about the wonderful world of Positive, Science-Based Dog Training and how we implement that philosophy into ALL of our services (not just dog training)? visit this link and let’s get you started. We all have to start somewhere!


Do you offer advice or mentoring opportunities to people seeking to start their own pet care business?

Great news!

Stefania is more than happy to sit down with you and let you pick her brain!
Cost: $150/hr +gst (travel fees may be applicable)
Email info@mindfulmutts.ca to book

We look forward to hearing from you!

I JUST got my dog yesterday, can I bring them to daycare today?

Sorry folks! The answer here is not no- just…preferably not yet.

Please ensure you’ve spent some time with your new furry family member before enrolling them. We know some dogs are pretty quick to love the world around them so we decide this on a case-by-case basis along with you.

Ideally, let’s set up a meet ‘n greet about 3 months after bringing them home so you’ve had some time to get to know them. This way they’ve had time to acclimate to their new world as well. You may also discover that your dog is not a candidate for dog daycare because they don’t enjoy that type of overly exciting environment. Please use the first few months as time to bond, and limit their exposure to too many potentially scary and/or overwhelming things.

In the meantime if you’re looking for a bit of help, hiring a dog walking company may be a good idea.

My dog has allergies, can you still accommodate them?

Great question!

Much like an average restaurant can’t make claims about there not being dairy, wheat, or gluten contamination in your meals (even with best efforts made), the same goes for group care.

We use food for motivation in every way. We have treat stations set up all over the place, as well as wear treat pouches so that we don’t have to yell at, punish, correct or physically manipulate your dog to get them to cooperate or do what we are asking of them šŸ™‚

If your dog has severe dietary allergies, we highly recommend a dog walker (one-on-one or even a group adventure). If you are in the New Westminster area we may be able to assist you.Ā  Please fill out the new client registration form found here to see if we can do so.

If your dog’s allergies are environmental, see above for recommendation.

If your dog’s dietary or environmental allergies are not severe, we may ask you to bring in a container of your dog’s kibbles for us to use as treats. We cannot, however, guarantee that your dog will not get a piece of someone else’s kibble or treat. Group care is best for dogs without allergies or with MILD allergies that can be easily maintained, and that will not cause the dog to suffer through symptoms that may cause extreme discomfort in any form.

If you have specific questions in regards to this, please let us know and we would be more than happy to do everything we can to accommodate IF safe and logical to do so. Thank you so much for understanding!

What will my dog do all day?

We offer mental as well as physical stimulation with constant play monitoring, 2-3Ā  “nap times” per day to avoid over-stimulation and high stress levels, as well as several walks/pee breaks throughout the day (we go out every 2-4hrs!)

For new visitors and those that are a little fearful, we use pheromones and calming music created just for mutts to help them relax and get accustomed to the environment.

How far in advance should I book?

To ensure your pup gets to stay and play, it’s best to book a minimum of 24 hrs in advance for daycare AND boarding. For better chances of a space we really recommend creating a set schedule and booking at least a few days in advance, to secure your dog’s spot each week.

Why are services, including daycare, prepaid?

At Mindful Mutts, we strive to keep your dogs in a regular routine, with regular visits, familiar faces (of the fuzzbut AND human variety). We ALSO strive to have 1 wrangler to around 6-8 dogs per day. We are also a small business… therefore we rely on prepaid services to allow us to budget appropriately to pay our staff fair wages, to pay for some of their education, to pay our rent and bills, to pay for the treats/costly high-quality super durable toys, more.

We do not make exceptions, payment is due prior to drop off (via credit card or etransfer once your invoice is received) as discussed at our meet ‘n greet and as described on our waivers. We would not walk into the local brewery for a pack of beer and walk away without paying for it, and the same can be said for thousands of other services that do not accept “IOU’s”. We should not need to defend our position on this particular FAQ, but we often find ourselves doing just that.

We thank you for understanding and for supporting us in such a way that we are able to do what we do for your fuzzbutts <3

How many dogs are in your care at any time? How do you control those numbers?

A maximum of 18 dogs are at our west end of New West facility, and we strive to have a ratio of 6-8 dogs to 1 staff member at a time most of the day to ensure the safety and well-being of dogs and staff. We are careful about not overbooking and considering the right mix of pooches.

For approved clients, all booking is now done via BusyPaws online booking system. Clients are able to book their dog in up to 1 hours before a daycare day starts. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the booked daycare day (6:59 am or earlier the day before), otherwise a credit/package day will be removed as it’s difficult for us to fill that spot with such short notice. Please make sure to book in advance as days do fill up. You are able to book up to 60 days in advance.

How can I sign my dog up for group care or boarding?

We appreciate that you have asked. Because we are so very careful to make sure that all dogs are uniquely managed and cared for, we do ask you to follow these three steps to becoming a Mindful Mutts crew member. You can also find out more information about dog daycare and boarding here.

  1. Fill out our online enrollment form to be placed on our waitlist.
    We currently have a waitlist of a few weeks to a couple of months depending on availability. We will be in touch to set up a trial day once we have space.
  2. Arrange a trial day.
    Your trial day is considered a “first day” where we will assess your dog’s personality and behavior to ensure they are enjoying their time here (between 5 and 8 hours). We firmly believe that not all dogs belong in daycare, not even in small, controlled environments like ours. We want to make sure we can benefit your dog and ensure a safe, positive, low stress environment for your dog at all times and if we don’t believe we are the right facility for your fuzzbutt, we will encourage you to try other services potentially with other companies. The cost is $45 + GST and you will receive a daycare assessment within 2 business days with important information that was collected after observing your pet within our group of fuzzbutts.
  3. After your mutt’s “first day” with us, we may see a need to involve some training in order to help us set them up for success in daycare!
    Often this may be as minor as working on basic manners or loose leash walking, or a little more intense with issues like leash reactivity or separation anxiety.Ā  Once we have agreed on training terms, if any, we can go ahead and schedule your first package whenever you are ready! It is very important to note that if you have been working with a correction/punishment-based/balanced trainer or insist on doing so, there is a high likely-hood that we will not be able to take your dog. Because of a contradiction in training and handling methods, it is too difficult for us to manage a new dog in our group, potentially dangerous to have that dog within our group, not to mention possibly confusing for the dog without consistency both at daycare and at home. Thank you for understanding!
I think I’d like to pick my dog up on my lunch break and then return him or her to you in an hour. Is that okay?

Sorry, usually the answer is no. It’s really disruptive to our day to have “in-and-outs” since we are generally busy all day with pee breaks, puzzles (and other forms of enrichment), toy time, rest time, and all the other fun stuff we do with your dog each day. Talk to us if you’d like to enquire about half days…. but sorry, no in-and-outs!

What form of payments do you accept?

We happily accept e-transfers and good ol’ cashola. We will also accept credit card payments through Square.

Which harnesses do you recommend?

We recommend the No-Pull Freedom Harness, if you are a client and would like one we would be more than happy to fit your pooch the next time they are in. If you are not a client please email us at info@mindfulmutts.ca and we will be happy to arrange a time for a fitting. If you do not wish to go with a freedom harness we suggest a Easy-Walk or a Sensation harness as a second option that are readily available at most pet stores. The Blue9 Balance Harness is also great!

Please keep in mind that these brands will set your pup up for success with us and with you, however, they do NEED to fit PROPERLY so as not to impede any movement of the legs and to have proper control of the dog without creating discomfort. We may ask that you get a new harness if it does not fit appropriately, even if it you already have one of these brands.

Top 3 reasons we require harnesses (no exceptions):

1) Your dog’s health (mental and physical)
2) Your dog’s safety (ability to walk safely, body is controlled easily, can not slip out if spooked or they decide to chase a squirrel)
3) OUR safety. When dogs pull, there is a great chance of knocking our staff over (especially on the steep hills of New West) and also doing temporary or permanent damage to our arms and shoulders. We take your dog’s safety very seriously, as well as our staff’s šŸ™‚


Why do your daycare passes expire?

Simply put, daycare packages expire to encourage regular visits. This helps us continue to have a familiar relationship with your dog which forms a bond with us as well as with their dog friends. Since all dogs are pre-approved, pre-screened, pre-scheduled etc we have a very consistent group of people and dogs in each day which helps not only with group management, but with the dog’s experience at group care too.

Why does this matter? This helps us tailor your dog’s day to their individual needs and encourages routine making which in turn helps maintain a lower-stress environment full of familiar routines, as well as dog AND human faces šŸ™‚

If we feel that a package would be suitable for your needs, we will recommend it based on an agreed upon extension of up to (and no more than) 2 calendar weeks.


If you’re going on vacation or your dog is staying home for any number of reasons and you cancel with less than 24 hrs notice or no-show, one day will be taken from your package. With 24 hrs notice or more, we may be able to fill that space and spare your package days, however, this is not a guarantee. Package holds can be made 2x per year (2 calendar weeks per hold). Larger holds may be considered at a reasonable fee. We are a small business, and do have to pay close attention to our bottom lines, we feel that we are as flexible as we can be and this seems to the most reasonable conclusion that works for all parties. Thank you for understanding!

Why is my dog crated or in a x-pen during pick ups?

It is a management tool that allows us to ensure each dog is left safely when we are not watching them 110% of the time, it is also a way to ensure dogs are not rushing the door, or ambushing other dogs, especially when it is very chaotic or we have dogs with a more bold personality.

Why can’t I knock or come in without a appointment?

We strive to make Mindful Mutts as low stress as possible, sudden knocking on the door or unexpected visitors will startle and stress out the group of dogs and make it hard for us to keep every dog calm and happy. If you are picking up your dog and someone hasn’t noticed right away, you can press the doorbell a second time, or send a text to 604.533.6888 (MUTT) that you are outside and we get your dog to you.

What is your spay & neuter policy?

All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered prior to joining or continuing group care. If you wish to wait longer for your dog to become altered you may be asked to leave until that time, of which upon return are required to start fresh with a new trial day. Unaltered dogs cause a behaviour shift in the group, if we feel your dogs hormones are disrupting the group dynamics they may be asked to leave prior to them turning 6 months old, until they are altered and ready to return to group care.

What should I bring for my dog’s day at daycare?

Please bring a properly fitted harness, a standard 6 foot leash, any meals your dog may need to eat during the day (in bulk with instructions to keep on site, preferably), something to chew on (for example a bully stick), and special treats if your dog has a food allergy.

What should I bring for my dog’s sleepover?

Please bring a properly fitted harness, standard 6 foot leash, food that is properly labelled and pre-measured, any medication properly labelled (if any), something for your dog to chew on for example a bully stick or a kong with peanut butter provided, and any high value treats if your dog has a food allergy.

Please keep all bedding, personal items, or toys at home we cannot guarantee these items will not get lost in the shuffle.