Stefania Butkovic - Owner/Operator

Stefania is studying to achieve a diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology through CASI  and eventually to become a Certified Dog Trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy using Clicker Training and positive reinforcement as her main tools. She is currently certified in Low Stress Handling through Dr. Sophia Yin’s Silver Certification program and has completed the KPA Foundations course as well as several other courses. She regularly attends seminars and courses in an effort to stay up to date in her field of work and to continue her education in the science behind your fuzzbutts!  She’s been a Dog Sitter & Dog Walker for many years, and is affectionately referred to by her peers as “The Dog Lady”.

Stefania is pursuing her dream of working with animals as a career. She is a  lover of community and entrepreneurship. After years of brain storming, she finally started her own business “Mindful Mutts” which combines all things dog in one place; training, group care, and pet first aid! She has launched her own pilot project of a Low-Stress Handling Certified Dog Daycare & Training facility in May of 2016 so that she’s able to foster and work with many more dogs than she can possibly do in the “comfort” of her living room 😉

What’s next for Stefania? In the interest of pet health, Stefania has been Pet First Aid certified through Walks ‘N’ Wags since 2014 and is now a Certified Pet First Aid Instructor!  WNW is a national leader in Pet First Aid that uses live animals for a unique hands-on experience and is veterinary approved! Stefania will continue to learn and grow her knowledge of all things dogs for a long timeto come!

Jelena Ukalovic - Group Care Manager

Jelena’s passion for dogs has led her to Mindful Mutts, and has continued to encourage her to expand her knowledge about dog behaviour, by keeping up with science based dog behaviour courses. Jelena has completed Low Stress Handling Silver, Karen Pryor Academy Foundations class, & Pet First Aid.

Jelena is going to take everything she has learned about positive reinforcement, and use it to help the next generation of dog owners, as a future Elementary school teacher. Thankful for the guidance and knowledge Mindful Mutts has given her, she has raised her own pup Duke into the loving goofball he is.

Dayle Fraser - Senior Wrangler

Dayle’s life has always been surrounded by animals, from a pet rat named Chip (as in Chip and Dale), to her three current dogs, Goose, Hazel, Pip, and two cats named Electra and Rascal. She has always believed in advocating for those that can’t speak for themselves, and hopes to continue to do so by continuing her education in the dog industry. She has completed her Pet First Aid & Nailed It course.

Erin Partridge - Senior Wrangler

Erin shares her home with a senior boxer named Mateo and 2 kitties, animals have always been a part of her life and she has even once tried showing dogs, but it didn’t turn out to be for her. Erin is currently a student, working towards a career as a Archeologist in BC studying domesticated dogs. To Erin the education of animal welfare is the first step towards the overall better treatment of animals. Erin has completed the Low Stress Handling Silver course, Pet First Aid, Nailed It, and a basic dog behaviour webinar.

Nicole-Humphry Duval - Wrangler

Nicole is a aspiring Zoologist, she believes education is the first step to helping understand animals better, and to help create a better and kinder world for them to thrive. She has her Pet First Aid course, and a course in Animal Rehabilitation. While Nicole may not have any pets of her own at the moment she has owned a pygmy goat named Ike, and thinks of all our Mindful Mutts dogs as a part of her family.

Megan Kosuljandic - Wrangler

Megan believes it is important to educate the public about, proper treatment and understanding of animals and believes in Mindful Mutts vision to do just that! Megan applies everything she learns about dog behaviour to her own pooches at home, two senior Bichon Frise / Yorkie crosses, and one rescue pup, and looks forward to learning more as she continues to work at Mindful Mutts. She has completed Pet First Aid, and Dog Knowledge levels 1 & 2.

Mason Rudge - Wrangler

Mason comes to Mindful Mutts after a fun but tough job printing t-shirts, and while Mason can see themselves doing that in their future, they also would love to train assistance dogs. Mason appreciates being in a environment that pushes for education in animal care, and would love to help build a world where we can alleviate poor animal care. Mason has a three year old chihuahua named Matthew, two cats Sybil and Felix, and two gerbil sisters. Mason has completed Pet First Aid, and Dog Knowledge levels 1 & 2.

Martha Bull - Wrangler

Martha has found her way into the Mindful Mutts family, and found she really loves the hands on aspect of working with the dogs, education is important to Martha when it comes to animal care it’s something she can always use when parenting her two kitties at home. While she may not know what she wants to do when she grows up quite yet, she is happy taking care and enriching the lives of each dog that comes in to Mindful Mutts. Martha has completed Dog Safe, Low Stress Canine & Feline handling and restraint, and Dog Knowledge levels 1 & 2.

Kurt Knoblick - HR

Kurt is a Jack of all trades, he is a stay at home parent to a wonderful 7 year old named Madison, a pet parent to a 16 year old cat, and a sassy 2 year old rescue pup. In his limited spare time he uses his exceptional customer service and personnel as our head of HR here at Mindful Mutts.