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We are super excited to introduce you and your dog to the wonderful  world of Positive Science-Based Dog Training right here in New West!

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Dog Training in New Westminster (One-on-One)

Suitable for pet parents who want to help settle their new dog into their family or for behavioural challenges that need more focus and attention that an individual pupper can get from a group class environment. This type of training is great for dogs who come from all walks of life, especially if you want the added benefits of an individualized training plan and one-on-one focus with a trainer!

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Upcoming Dog Training Classes in New Westminster with Stefania Butkovic (CTC in Training) and in partnership with Holly Ovington (KPA-CTP)




Puppy Class: Socialization & Exploration- Click arrow for class dates

Class Start Dates:
Tuesday Oct 6th @ 8:15pm w/Holly *FULL*
Thursday Oct 22nd @ 8:15pm  w/Holly *FULL*
Saturday Nov 7th @ 1:30pm w/Holly *FULL*
Thursday Nov 19th @ 6pm w/Holly * FULL *
Tuesday Nov 24th @ 6pm w/Holly *FULL*
Tuesday Jan 12th @ 6pm w/Stefania
Thursday Jan 14th @ 6pm w/Holly

Dog Training suitable for any puppy 9 weeks to 4.5 months old with second set of vaccinations

4 Weeks Long – Formal, Structured 60 min Classes | 

This class is a must for every puppy owner! We focus on setting you and your pup up for success with early socialization, confidence building and basics of training in a positive fun, friendly human and dog environment!

What we cover:

  • Name Recognition
  • Eye Contact
  • Targeting
  • Enrichment
  • Socialization
  • Mat Training
  • Body Handling
  • Puppy Pushups
  • Body Awareness
  • Bite Inhibition
  • Guarding Prevention
  • Chin Rest
  • Fear Free Vet 
  • Grooming Prep
  • Monitoring and Understanding Appropriate Play & more!

Price: $199 plus GST (includes 1 treat pouch) – Register here! 

Adult Dogs of all Ages!

Basic Manners - click arrow for class dates

Class Start Dates:
Saturday Oct 10th @ 2:30pm  w/Holly *FULL*
Tuesday Oct 27th @ 7pm  w/Holly*FULL*
Saturday Nov 7th @ 12pm w/Holly *FULL*
Wednesday Nov 18th @ 6pm w/Holly
Wednesday Nov 18th @ 7:15pm w/Holly *FULL*
Tuesday Nov 24th @ 7:30pm  w/Holly *FULL*
Tuesday Jan 12th @7:15pm w/Stefania
Thursday Jan 14th @ 7:15pm w/Holly

Dog training suitable for any dog 4.5 months and up (no pre-requisites)

4 Weeks Long – 60min Classes | 

This class is designed for young dogs, adolescent dogs, or rescue dogs! We cover many basic cues you might expect and more. We’ll set you up for success and give you all the skills needed to continue to our Level 2 Advanced Manners Class!

What we cover:

      • Eye Contact
      • Targeting
      • Mat Training
      • Enrichment
      • Leave It
      • Stay
      • Loose Leash Walking
      • Drop It
      • Beginner Recall
      • Distractions on Walks
      • Polite Greetings with People & Dogs

Price: $199 plus GST (includes 1 treat pouch) – Register here!   

Recall Class!- click arrow for class dates

Class Start Dates:
Tuesday Sept 29th @ 7pm * FULL*
Thursday Oct 22nd @ 7pm * FULL*
Thursday Nov 19th @ 7:30pm *FULL*

Dog training suitable for any dog 6 months and up (no pre-requisites)

3 Weeks Long – 60min Classes | 

This class is for anyone that would like to strengthen their dog’s recall by adding distance and distractions. A solid recall is important to providing a safe off leash experience for owners and their dogs!

Price: $145 plus GST – Register here!   

*NEW* Advanced Manners (Class date TBD!)

Dog training suitable for any dog that has completed Level 1; Basic Manners

4 Weeks Long – 60min Classes |

This class is for anyone that wants to refine their skills and continue adding duration, distance and distractions

What we cover:

      • Advanced Recall
      • Advanced Leave It
      • Advanced Loose Leash Walking
      • Emergency Recall
      • Heel (left and right)
      • Back up
      • Spin (left and right)
      • Stay
    • Around & more!

Price: $225 plus GST – Register here!   

Board + Train with Stefania

Board + Train

For dogs of all ages!

Some cues/behaviours we may be able to work on for you:

*Perfected Recall
*Potty Training
*Hand Targeting
*Leave It
*Drop It
*Typical behaviour challenges such as jumping up
*….and more! Contact us to set up a consult. This is a full session with the trainer in order to determine what we may be able to offer and to come up with an estimate.

All Board + Train’s included a skills pass-over session with the owners at the end of the visit!

Please note that Board + Train (even science-based ones like ours) may not be suitable for your dog. Behaviours are not guaranteed, so, if we believe our services will not be able to help your dog, we may ethically decide not to go forward in an effort to not take your money or sell you “snake oil” so to speak. Perhaps we can suggest an alternative like classes, or private sessions, or walk ‘n trains with the lovely R+ trainer we partner with for example 🙂

Price: Starting at $900 (min. 6 nights/7 days) plus GST – Register here!   

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