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We are super excited to introduce you and your dog to the wonderful world of Positive Science-Based Dog Training at Mindful Mutts!

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We are currently NOT taking new private training clients as Stefania is taking an extended break to be with her daughter and complete her coursework through The Academy for Dog Trainers xo

Please see Kaeli’s information below…




Stefania is in a formal Mentorship with Renée Erdman of as she studies to complete her certification with The Academy for Dog Trainers in order to ensure she is helping her clients in the best way possible. Kaeli has earned the designation of KPA-CTP after completing her Trainer certification through the Karen Pryor Academy and has been working under positive trainers for experience for several months, and will be offering MM’s usual curriculum in her own unique style of teaching <3

Join us for Puppy Parties every weekend from 10am-12pm at 810a 20th St, New Westminster!

Your puppy will have playtime with small groups of puppies, be introduced to novel objects, and sounds, and get lotsa snack and snuggles too! Puppies must be between 9 weeks-4.5 months old and need at least their 1st set of vaccinations in order to attend.  Pricing: 1 Puppy Party for $21 plus GST or 3 for $56.25 plus GST

Register Here for Puppy Parties!

***NEW Puppy Passport!!*** Let us help guide you through the first few months of puppy-dom! Choose the Puppy Passport to earn stamps and a special Certificate of Completion. Simply fill out the Puppy Party form above and choose Puppy Passport or you can email for inquiries 🙂

To complete your Puppy Passport you need to attend:

    • 3 Puppy Parties
    • 1 Round of Puppy Class
    • 1 Round of The Basics! Class
    • 1 Private Training Session

Value of $735, for only $625 +tax. Your Puppy Passport is valid for 6 months and includes a 15% off code for everything in our online store!

Check out our IG Reel below to see our Puppy Parties in action!

This class is a must for every puppy owner! 

We focus on setting you and your pup up for success with early socialization, confidence building and basics of training in a positive fun, friendly human and dog environment! Puppy Class is suitable for any puppy that is 9 weeks to 4.5 months old with their 2nd set of vaccinations.  *Classes may be held outside weather permitting!*

Sign Up Here for Puppy Class!

4 Weeks Long – Formal, Structured 60 min Classes
Price: $249 plus GST (includes 1 RC Pets treat pouch) 

Upcoming Class Start Dates:
Saturday, June 3rd @12pm

What we cover:

    • Name Recognition
    • Eye Contact
    • Targeting
    • Enrichment
    • Socialization
    • Mat Training
    • Body Handling
    • Puppy Pushups
    • Body Awareness
    • Bite Inhibition
    • Guarding Prevention
    • Fear Free Vet
    • Grooming Prep
    • Monitoring and Understanding Appropriate Play & more

The Basics! class is designed for dogs of ALL ages (no pre-requisites)!

We cover many basic manners and cues you might expect and more. We’ll set you up for success and give you all the skills needed to continue to on to Simply Shenanigans or The Basics-Refined next!

Sign Up Here for The Basics!

4 Weeks Long – 60min Classes
Price: $249 plus GST (*new clients receive 1 RC Pets treat pouch) 

Upcoming Class Start Dates: 

Saturday, June 3rd @1:15pm
Wednesday, June 7th @6:30pm

What we cover:

    • Eye Contact
    • Targeting
    • Mat Training
    • Enrichment
    • Leave It
    • Stay
    • Loose Leash Walking
    • Resource Guarding (what to look for and where to start)
    • Beginner Recall
    • Distractions on Walks + Beginner Loose Leash Walking
    • Polite Greetings with People & Dogs

Simply Shenanigans class is for anyone that wants to have fun and do something cool with their dogs.

This is suitable for any dog that has completed “The Basics!”. Registration does *not* include a treat pouch, please bring yours to class!

Sign Up Here for Simply Shenanigans!

3 Weeks Long – 60min Classes
Price: $199 plus GST

Upcoming Class Start Dates: 
Wednesday, Jan 12th @7:45pm

Some of what we may be covering:

      • Step Up
      • Sit Pretty
      • Back up
      • Spin (left and right)
      • Around

The loose leash walking and recall clinic helps you save your shoulders and arm sockets and gets your dog walking on a loose leash like a champ.

This dog training is suitable for dogs that have completed “The Basics!” within 1 year of Clinic start date.  Registration does *not* include a treat pouch, please bring yours to class!

Sign Up Here for The loose leash walking / recall clinic!

2 Consecutive Weeks Long – 60min Classes
Price: $175 plus GST

Upcoming Class Start Dates: 
Saturday, Feb 25th @1:15pm

What we cover:

    • Advanced Loose Leash Walking
    • Advanced Recall

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