dog walkingLow Stress CertifiedĀ  Dog Walking services with Jelena are now available in Aldergrove BC!

Dog Walking in Aldergrove

Jelena resides in the community of Aldergrove BC and has decided to expand on services that she offers by making herself available for a select number of dog walking clients within the boundaries of Aldergrove.

What’s included?

Pricing includes a leashed walk when applicable. At times, extreme weather conditions may determine that a visit is limited to a quick in/out with time spent indoors playing, doing puzzles, practicing skills etc. All prices include feeding and medication as well if required, so all you have to do is choose the timing that works best for you!

Taxes are not included. Please email for inquiries.

Pee Breaks (20min): $15
30 Min Visit: $25
45 Min Visit: $35
60 Min Visit: $45

Where does the walk portion of the visit take place?

The leashed portion of the visit will take place either within your neighborhood OR outside of neighbourhood (provided a car ride is discussed and approved by all parties). Sorry, no dog parks on our watch.

Dog Walking is currently NOT available in New Westminster at this time, sorry šŸ™