Which harnesses do you recommend?

We recommend the No-Pull Freedom Harness, if you are a client and would like one we would be more than happy to fit your pooch the next time they are in. If you are not a client please email us at info@mindfulmutts.ca and we will be happy to arrange a time for a fitting. If you do not wish to go with a freedom harness we suggest a Easy-Walk or a Sensation harness as a second option that are readily available at most pet stores. The Blue9 Balance Harness is also great!

Please keep in mind that these brands will set your pup up for success with us and with you, however, they do NEED to fit PROPERLY so as not to impede any movement of the legs and to have proper control of the dog without creating discomfort. We may ask that you get a new harness if it does not fit appropriately, even if it you already have one of these brands.

Top 3 reasons we require harnesses (no exceptions):

1) Your dog’s health (mental and physical)
2) Your dog’s safety (ability to walk safely, body is controlled easily, can not slip out if spooked or they decide to chase a squirrel)
3) OUR safety. When dogs pull, there is a great chance of knocking our staff over (especially on the steep hills of New West) and also doing temporary or permanent damage to our arms and shoulders. We take your dog’s safety very seriously, as well as our staff’s šŸ™‚