Why do your daycare passes expire?

Simply put, daycare packages expire to encourage regular visits. This helps us continue to have a familiar relationship with your dog which forms a bond with us as well as with their dog friends. Since all dogs are pre-approved, pre-screened, pre-scheduled etc we have a very consistent group of people and dogs in each day which helps not only with group management, but with the dog’s experience at group care too.

Why does this matter? This helps us tailor your dog’s day to their individual needs and encourages routine making which in turn helps maintain a lower-stress environment full of familiar routines, as well as dog AND human faces šŸ™‚

If we feel that a package would be suitable for your needs, we will recommend it based on an agreed upon extension of up to (and no more than) 2 calendar weeks.


If you’re going on vacation or your dog is staying home for any number of reasons and you cancel with less than 24 hrs notice or no-show, one day will be taken from your package. With 24 hrs notice or more, we may be able to fill that space and spare your package days, however, this is not a guarantee. Package holds can be made 2x per year (2 calendar weeks per hold). Larger holds may be considered at a reasonable fee. We are a small business, and do have to pay close attention to our bottom lines, we feel that we are as flexible as we can be and this seems to the most reasonable conclusion that works for all parties. Thank you for understanding!