My dog has allergies, can you still accommodate them?

Great question!

Much like an average restaurant can’t make claims about there not being dairy, wheat, or gluten contamination in your meals (even with best efforts made), the same goes for group care.

We use food for motivation in every way. We have treat stations set up all over the place, as well as wear treat pouches so that we don’t have to yell at, punish, correct or physically manipulate your dog to get them to cooperate or do what we are asking of them šŸ™‚

If your dog has severe dietary allergies, we highly recommend a dog walker (one-on-one or even a group adventure). If you are in the New Westminster area we may be able to assist you.Ā  Please fill out the new client registration form found here to see if we can do so.

If your dog’s allergies are environmental, see above for recommendation.

If your dog’s dietary or environmental allergies are not severe, we may ask you to bring in a container of your dog’s kibbles for us to use as treats. We cannot, however, guarantee that your dog will not get a piece of someone else’s kibble or treat. Group care is best for dogs without allergies or with MILD allergies that can be easily maintained, and that will not cause the dog to suffer through symptoms that may cause extreme discomfort in any form.

If you have specific questions in regards to this, please let us know and we would be more than happy to do everything we can to accommodate IF safe and logical to do so. Thank you so much for understanding!