Why are services, including daycare, prepaid?

At Mindful Mutts, we strive to keep your dogs in a regular routine, with regular visits, familiar faces (of the fuzzbut AND human variety). We ALSO strive to have 1 wrangler to around 6-8 dogs per day. We are also a small business… therefore we rely on prepaid services to allow us to budget appropriately to pay our staff fair wages, to pay for some of their education, to pay our rent and bills, to pay for the treats/costly high-quality super durable toys, more.

We do not make exceptions, payment is due prior to drop off (via credit card or etransfer once your invoice is received) as discussed at our meet ‘n greet and as described on our waivers. We would not walk into the local brewery for a pack of beer and walk away without paying for it, and the same can be said for thousands of other services that do not accept “IOU’s”. We should not need to defend our position on this particular FAQ, but we often find ourselves doing just that.

We thank you for understanding and for supporting us in such a way that we are able to do what we do for your fuzzbutts <3